Antonio Agiste,
Software Developer.

I'm a software developer based in Saint Lucia specializing in building exceptional websites, mobile applications, and everything in between.

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More About Me

My name is Antonio Agiste and I'm a software engineer based in Saint Lucia. I specialize in building web and mobile applications using React, NextJS, Flutter, Node, Python, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

As many software developers would say, I'm a lifelong learner and I'm always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow. I'm currently working on a few personal projects and I'm always open to collaborating on new projects.

Outside of software development, I'm a huge fan of basketball, music, nature, and video games. If I weren't in the tech industry, I'd probably be a geologist.

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  1. Software Developer Current

    West Tech Shipping - March 2024

    • Spearheaded the development and management of custom WordPress plugins, enhancing site functionality and user experience for the company's online services.
    • Modernized the Wordpress implementation while ensuring a seamless transition with zero downtime and improved system performance and security.
    • Designed and implemented innovative features for WestTech Shipping's mobile applications using React Native, delivering cross-platform compatibility and enhancing user engagement.
    • Maintained the company's internal native Android app.
    • Maintained the customer facing React Native application.
  2. Software Engineer

    Medial Health - October 2022 to February 2024

    • Full stack development utilizing a stack composed of React, and NestJS.
    • Performed code reviews, merging, and code deployment.
    • Decreased build times by 30% resulting in a quicker time to production.
    • Decreased hot reload times by 90% resulting in tickets being cleared 2x faster.
    • Increased unit test coverage by over 100%.
    • Assisted with other project management activities like creating onboarding documents and creating and assigning tasks.
  3. Mobile App Developer

    Region Tech - February 2022 to September 2022

    • Developed both external contract projects, as well as company owned projects.
    • Maintained and modernized legacy code which involved refactoring, bug fixing, and ensuring code followed industry accepted software development patterns as well as language specific styling practices.
    • Deeply involved in enhancing the Git branching strategy used in the workplace.
    • Put in charge of the company wide transition towards a new state management solution after I pointed out the shortcomings of the method used prior to my tenure.
    • Primary technologies used were Flutter (with Dart), Firebase PaaS, and JavaScript for serverless functions. GitHub is also used for version control.

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